Unleash your child's potential

Unleashing Potential

Education is a powerful force in life achievement. Start early; Achieve success.

We Empower Parents, Educators, And Leaders With The Tools To Give Children The Best Start In Life.

Education has a direct influence on success in later life.
The M.P. Foundation aims to create a positive impact on every child to achieve more.

Webinars and Community

The webinars we offer are carefully designed to help families, educators, and leaders make better choices regarding their experiences, relationships with children, and building their emotional intelligence.

Even if just one child benefits every time we host our webinars, we believe this has served its purpose. But every webinar, we’re helping dozens and soon hundreds and then thousands.

Our global reach is focused on helping parents develop better skills, teachers to become more aware of the challenges some children may face, and encouraging school and community leaders to take a more active and vested interest in the early education and lives of their youngest constituents.

The importance of Strengthening Adult Capabilities

According to Harvard University’s Center for Child Development, Building Adult capabilities Improves Child Outcomes.


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Explaining Attachment The Relationship Between Caregiver and Child
Selfcare in Action – Parenting & Selfcare
Top 3 Musts of Parenting

 Get Involved

To unleash the potential of all children, we need everyone that is involved in students’ education to get involved. 

Join us in our efforts to improve students’ achievement not just in academics, but also in fostering social-emotional intelligence.

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Your students future is in your hands.


Parent Involvement is important for Student’s success.


Quality of future Human Capital are in your hands

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  • Parents and extended Families
  • Teachers
  • School and Community Leaders